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La Casa del Habano Celebrates Its 30th Anniversary

- Juan López Selección Especial, Could Be your vitola chosen by Habanos, S.A. at 20 20 at commemoration of the 150th Decades of this newest and also the 30th anniversary of production of La Casa del Habano
- La Casa del Habano,'' That the Habanos, S.A. Global System of High-street Specialist Shops in over than 60 States , celebrates its 30th Anniversary
HAVANA, Feb. 26, 20 20 / / PRNewswire/ -- The XXII Edition of this Habanos Festival commemorates a exact exclusive day: the 30th anniversary of the arrival of La Casa del Habano, the exceptionally technical global series of merchants at the market, preservation and advertising of Habanos as well as its own civilization.  Because of this the 2nd superb day, marking the halfway stage of this big occurrence of that the Festival, is devoted for the particular party.  This gala supper will be hosted by Even the Laguito Proto Col corridor with all performances and the Cuban gastronomy out of foreign musicians.
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To observe the anniversary, Habanos,'' S.A. existing Juan López Selección Especial (ring judge 52 x 170 millimeter span ) was especially published with twenty five Habanos of one-of-a-kind measurements and also a smoke that is pleasant.  All produced"Totalmente that a Mano con Tripa Larga" - Entirely Handmade with Extended Filler, following having a careful collection of these wrapper, filler and filler renders out of the well-known vegas of their absolute most prestigious region of Vuelta Abajo*, at the area of Pinar del Río*, Cuba* and generated by pro Cuban torcedores - cigar figurines.  

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