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'Offering thousands of pounds in exchange for sex': How many obscene messages do social media influencers receive daily?

Victoria Derbyshire, the program, has been told that strangers offer thousands of pounds in exchange for sex on a daily basis to major influencers on social media.

According to an influencer, social media has become a 'tool' for men to choose their next target.

Lexi Clarkson, star of the reality show Love Island, says: 'This is high-level prostitution; it's scary to think that if they sent me such a message, there would certainly be thousands of girls on Instagram.'

She says she was only 19 when she was first offered 20,000 pounds for dinner and drinks.

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'But after arriving in the second series of the Louvre Island, an agency emailed him and offered him 50,000 pounds for five nights in Dubai.

It also included a contract without disclosing the information, stating what they would have to do in exchange for the money.

Tyne Lexie says he rejected the offer but fears that new or struggling influencers who don't get luxury goods for free and feel pressured to maintain their 'show', They may be the victims of this type of transaction.

"For some, it's a lot of money, it's a life-changing money."

'Significant transactions'

Rosie Williams, who was in her third season in the Lowlands, says she was offered clothes and bags with a million pounds annually in exchange for becoming a man's partner in Dubai.

They also showed us a message from a recent message from a person who showed himself in Dubai. The message said that they might be surprised to hear from them, but they have an 'important transaction' they want to share. Rosie says it's a common phrase in these types of messages.

She says that despite the large amount of money, she has not been tempted.

Rosie says' this is not the kind of fame she expected: you are warned about trolling, you are warned that your life will change dramatically, but you are I am not warned that you can buy men too. '

She says that this is not talked about in the influencers circle: 'We are not in a place where we can do this or we have done so and are very embarrassed.'

'Feel less'

This program has seen many such messages received by these influencers. Contactors include men who offer sex directly, while some agents also contact their wealthy clients.

We also received anonymous written evidence in which the sender described himself as a British reality star, saying he was offered ten thousand pounds in exchange for sex.

Eza Bell says that she was first approached by a 10-year-old man on Instagram when she completed the TV talent show.

She says: 'Initially they were offered designer handbags. He was very proud of his financial standing so he felt sexually satisfied for me by spending hundreds of pounds on bags. '

'I too was struggling to keep my followers online. So I think I accepted this offer. '

She says that she talked daily for 18 months but never met, so she was excited about meeting him.

'When I got there, he was quite happy. At dinner we started drinking wine and they were talking about my costs ... I said I owe five thousand pounds. They said: Have sex with me and I'll give you double that. '

Iza Bell explains that she went to the hotel room and went through it all. "I felt inferior and mixed feelings of anger at myself right then."

But she insists that this is not prostitution. 'This is a targeted relationship that grows over time. Whereas in prostitution you agree with a stranger for a fee. '

Influencers exploit

The rights group 'Object', which campaigns against the idea of ​​sex toys for women, says that this explains why women accept 'glamorous' offers.

Heather Brinskell Evans says: 'Women involved in all this would not want to hear the word of prostitution. In fact, she is selling her body in exchange for money. '

 Heather Brinskill Evans says women involved in all this would not want to hear the word prostitution, but the truth is that they sell their bodies in exchange for money.
"People who offer women everything they need to become a successful influencer, but anyway, this is exploitation and women have to do things they don't want to attribute to them, for money. They feel ashamed. "

Celebrity agent Rob Cooper says it's not just women who are contacted. He said a man who hosted online was regularly offered money to have sex.

"I would say that big influencers or reality stars get messages like this every day."

He says that social media platforms should find a way to make people accountable for their account,

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