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Latest 17 cases of SARS

* So far 62 cases have been registered
* Two dead
* A virus spread to Thailand and Japan
* Asian countries are alerted
* Screening tests at US airports
Beijing: More than 17 new cases of 'Xavier Acute Respiratory Syndrome' have been reported in China. They have been found to be suffering from viral pneumonia. Two of them died. The deaths of the two men, aged over sixty, are not the only source, but other health problems, the Chinese government said. Eight others are in critical condition, Wuhan Health Commission officials said. So far, 62 cases have been registered, all of them between the ages of 30-79, they said. A high alert was announced in the area as the corona virus first spread from Wuhan. Early screening tests are being conducted at more than two dozen countries in Asia and three American international airports.

Three cases were detected in Thailand and Japan. The virus is not so powerful, but it can spread rapidly from one person to another, the Health Commission said. In 2002, the Chinese government said it was taking all necessary steps to ensure that it did not repeat the sarcasm that swept over two dozen countries and killed 800 people. Although the virus is said to have originated from the 'Sea Food' market, health commission experts say that in some cases it is not.

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