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Grain buys ..

Loss up to Rs 400 per quintals
* Enter false names online
* Management funds are sideways
Public Power - Vijayanagaram Representative:
Farmers continue to lie at every step of the grain market. The government says that it will pay the price of crops. As a result the farmer is losing up to Rs 400 per quinta. The government is spending crores of rupees in the name of procurement of grain annually by the tycoons and the elite. Annadana Nilguna is deceiving the corrupt leaders of the ruling party, the millers and the authorities.
The Agriculture Department estimates that the Vijayanagaram district has yielded over five lakh metric tonnes of grain this year. Officials are planning to buy at least four lakh metric tonnes of grain for farmers to eat. According to official figures, so far, 1,14,579 metric tonnes have been purchased from 12,300 farmers through 226 purchasing centers. Of this, 5,448 farmers have been paid Rs 95.56 crore while another 6,852 farmers have yet to be paid Rs 113.59 crore. Farmers' union leaders say all these calculations are showing up online without buying grain from farmers. It is reported that Benami names are registered online and the government is drawing funds.

Delay in payments
Where the AP Farmers Union struggles to buy grain at the buying centers, those farmers are not paying for weeks. In fact, a farmer named Rongali Appalanaidu at the lighting center of Gantyada Mandal Budatanapalli sold 21.6 quintals of grain to Srivenkateswara Modern Rice Mill on the fourth day of this month. But even today the mill has not been paid in the name of pending. Rongali Dalinadu and Rangali Akkamma bought the grain from 23 farmers and did not pay it. In fact, within 48 hours of online payment, you have to pay. But the Millers are being grounded.

Miller's robbery ..!
Farmers' grain should, in fact, be moved to the purchasing centers of the zoning center. But farmers were not given sack bags anywhere. Farmers, as usual, had to sell grain to the soldiers who came to Kallal as the millers were only giving them to the soldiers. The troops are taking eight to 10 kilos of grain from the farmers to the quinta and are moving directly to the mill. It is shown that the nirvana hacks have been bought online and bought by the government at the centers of grain buying. This causes a farmer to lose up to Rs 180 per quinta per quintal. The original price is being cut from Rs. This results in farmers losing between Rs 300 to Rs 400 per quinta.

Like this!
Authorities at the buying centers are working closely with the leaders of the ruling party, Miller. In fact, the government releases maintenance costs of Rs. 38 to Rs. In addition to this, the lighting centers can show up to five to six operators per day and can charge up to Rs 200 per day. Funds released in the amount of Rs. It is alleged that all these funds are being swapped with the understanding that they have entered into with the millers without buying.

Irregularities should be prevented
In the name of grain buying in the districts, there is a lot of malpractices. While the millers have begun fundraising online without buying, the authorities have been releasing funds released by the government to operate the centers. Even bosses are acting as if they are not seen. If this robbery is not prevented, we will mobilize a large number of peasantry and intensify the movement.
-Buddaraju Rambabu, Farmers' Union District Presidents.

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