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Indian Passport More Secure With 'Lotus' Upgrade: External Affairs Ministry On Controversy

 The ministry Spokesperson Raveesh Kumar, throughout his weekly press briefing, explained,"Lotus is the federal blossom and can be a portion of their improved security qualities to recognize bogus passports."  In addition, he stated the additional federal symbols are also published onto the passport.
Kumar reported the brand new security attributes had been launched as a member of International Civil Aviation Organisation plans.

 Congress MP MK Raghavan experienced said employing the lotus emblem on Indian passports has been"farther saffronisation" from the police.

He stated,"Today, it's lotus, after which the following month there'll soon be some thing different "  Symbols enjoy a federal blossom or domestic creature is going to be properly used Kumar reasoned.  The lotus is additionally the celebration emblem of this judgment party Bharatiya Janata Party.

As stated by the Henley Passport Indicator, which measures the advantage of passports of nations around the grounds of the range of locations that their holders may get without an earlier visa, India was rated 86th area for 20-19.  Indian passport holders may visit 5 8 destinations all over the entire world possibly visa-free, following finding a visa on birth or by having an email visa.

India's nationwide blossom - Lotus is presently being published on Indian Twist to capture grasp of imitation passports.  Passports using lotus emblem have been issued as a calendar month.

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