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Angira Dhar says this is something to do in the future along with acting

In the movie Commando 3, Angira Dhar will be seen in a pivotal role for the audience. She recently worked with Vicky Kaushal in a film. Now in Commando 3, she is seen in action as well as in action. The chat that struck her about her role ...

How excited were you to work in the film Commando 3?
So far, two parts of the movie Commando have been in the audience. Both of these episodes were hugely liked by the audience and both of these films I watched as an audience. I love watching action movies and I am a huge fan of Vidyut Jamwal. So I was very excited to work on this film. The first time I was told about this movie, I didn't know if the action scene would be filmed in this movie. But knowing that I also want to take action, I was overwhelmed. I worked hard for this film, and this film fulfilled my dream of working in action.

How much do you benefit from acting when you work behind the camera for many years?
I've been working behind the camera for many years. I think to you, as you get used to reading the screenplay, you know right away if a screenplay is right for you. Since I've been working behind the camera for many years, this definitely helps me in acting. I have been writing for many years. So I would definitely consider writing a screenplay or directing for a project in the future.

Do you think digital media are providing good opportunities for newcomers to the area?
The digital arena offers many new opportunities for newcomers to the field of acting. It is a good medium and the newcomers have got a platform to showcase their acting skills. This is the medium that allowed me to work with an actor like Vicky Kaushal early in my career.

How was the experience working in this film?
Before this movie, I didn't even know electricity. I saw him in action as an action hero. But during filming I also got to see his comic projections. How to grab a gun while filming the scene. He advised me during filming how body language should be. So for this movie, I have done the most filming with Ada Sharma. We both have very good personalities and have a great deal of acting.

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